Active cruise control

With active cruise control you can select a desired speed which is then automatically maintained when driving on open roadways and is varied to maintain a selected distance setting to slower moving vehicles ahead.

Active cruise control represents a technological advance over the familiar cruise control and is a welcome relief from the constant adjustment of speed that can accompany driving in traffic on highways or other high-speed thoroughfares.

Especially on longer trips and in traffic congestion, the system can reduce fatigue and tension, while increasing your enjoyment of driving.

Please use it safely and responsibly.

In addition to holding a steady cruising speed, if you encounter slower vehicles ahead, active cruise control will, within limits, adjust your vehicle's speed automatically so that you can flow with the traffic without having to make constant adjustments. If, for example, while cruising at the selected speed, you begin to approach a slower vehicle ahead of you in the same lane, the system will reduce your vehicle's speed to the same as that of the vehicle ahead to maintain your selected distance setting. You can vary the following distance, which will vary with speed. Based on your selected distance setting, the system automatically decreases the throttle setting and lightly applies the brakes if necessary. In addition, if the vehicle ahead of you slows to a complete stop, the system can follow this action within the given scope and can also accelerate from a complete stop if the vehicle ahead of you drives off again shortly thereafter. During braking, your vehicle brake lamps will automatically illuminate to alert a following driver to take action.

In addition, it may be necessary for your vehicle to downshift the automatic transmission to maintain the distance setting selected. As soon as the road in front of you has no moving vehicles, the system will accelerate to your desired speed. This set speed is also maintained on downhill grades, however the vehicle speed can drop below the set speed when driving uphill if the engine output is not sufficient.

Active cruise control cannot detect stop Personal responsibility
Active cruise control cannot detect stop signs, red lights, or any object that is stopped or is blocking the road. Active cruise control is not and must not be used as a collision avoidance/ warning system. Since this active cruise control system is a new technology and operates differently from conventional cruise control systems to which you may be accustomed, it is necessary that you read all of the pages relating to this system before use. Carefully read and observe the information on the system limitations, to obtain a good command of the system and its range of applications.◀

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