Storing the current speed

Push the lever, arrow 1, or pull it briefly, arrow 2.

Storing the current speed
Storing the current speed

The system stores the current vehicle speed. It is indicated on the speedometer and briefly in the instrument panel.

Increasing desired speed

Press or briefly push the lever up to or beyond the resistance point, arrow 1, until the desired speed is displayed.

The displayed speed is stored and the vehicle reaches the stored speed if the road is clear.

▷ With each activation to the resistance point, the desired speed increases by approx.

1 mph/1 km/h.
▷ With each activation beyond the resistance point, the desired speed increases by a maximum of 5 mph/10 km/h.

Reducing the desired speed

Pull the lever, arrow 2, until the desired speed is displayed.

The functions are the same as those when increasing the desired speed.

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