Front passenger side


Pull the handle.

The light in the glove compartment switches on.

The net in the glove compartment is provided for stowing the storage tray for the cupholder.

again immediately Close the glove compartment again immediately

Close the glove compartment immediately after use while driving; otherwise, injury may occur during accidents.


Fold up the cover.


The glove compartment can be locked with an integrated key to separately secure the trunk lid, for example.

After the glove compartment is locked, the remote control can be handed over, such as at a hotel, without the integrated key.

This prevents access to the glove compartment and to the cargo area.

USB interface for data transfer

USB interface for data transfer
USB interface for data transfer

Connection for importing and exporting data on USB devices, e.g.:

▷ Personal Profile settings.

▷ Music collection.

Observe the following when connecting:

▷ Do not use force when plugging the connector into the USB interface.

▷ Do not connect devices such as fans or lamps to the USB interface.

▷ Do not connect USB hard drives.

▷ Do not use the USB interface to recharge external devices.

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