Calls with multiple participants

General information

You can switch between calls or connect two calls to a single conference call. These functions must be supported by the mobile phone and service provider.

Accepting a call while speaking to another party

This function might have to be activated by the service provider and the mobile phone must be adjusted accordingly.

If a second call comes in during an ongoing call, a call waiting signal is sounded where appropriate.

"Accept" "Accept"

The call is accepted and the existing call is put on hold.

Establishing a second call

Establish an additional call during an active call.

1. "Telephone"
2. "Active calls"
3. "Hold"

The existing call is put on hold.

4. Dial the new phone number or select it from

4. Dial the new phone number or select it from a list.

"Return" "Return"

The call on hold is resumed.

Switching between two calls, hold call

The active call is displayed in color.

The call on hold is displayed in gray.

"Swap calls" "Swap calls"

The call on hold is resumed.

Establishing a conference call

Two calls can be connected to a single telephone conference call.

1. Establish two calls.

2. "Conference call" "Conference call"

When terminating a conference call, both calls are ended. If one call is terminated by another party, the other call can be continued.

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