Remote control

Each remote control contains a rechargeable battery that is automatically recharged

Each remote control contains a rechargeable battery that is automatically recharged when it is in the ignition lock while the car is being driven. Use each remote control at least twice a year for longer road trips in order to maintain the batteries' charge status. In cars with Comfort

Access, the remote control contains a replaceable battery.

The settings called up and implemented when the car is unlocked depend on which remote control is used to unlock the car, refer to Personal Profile, next column.

In addition, information about service requirements is stored in the remote control, refer to Service data in the remote control, page 221.

Integrated key

Press button 1to release the key.

Press button 1to release the key.

The integrated key fits the following locks:

> Driver's door,
> Convertible: glove compartment,

New remote controls

Your BMW center can supply new remote controls with integrated keys as additional units or as replacements in the event of loss.

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