Approx. one hour of the program being broadcast on the channel currently being listened to is stored in a buffer. Prerequisite: the signal must be available.

The stored audio track can be played with a delay following the live broadcast. When the buffer is full, the older tracks are overwritten. The buffer is cleared when a new channel is selected.

Opening the timeshift function

1. "Radio"

2. "Satellite radio"

3. "Replay - Time shift"

  • The red arrow shows the current playback position.
  • The time difference to the live broadcast is displayed next to the buffer bar. For live transmissions: "live".

Timeshift menu

Automatic timeshift

Automatic timeshift

When the function is activated, audio playback is stopped automatically in the event of:

  • Incoming and outgoing telephone calls.
  • Activation of the voice activation system.
  • Muting.

The audio playback then continues with a time delay.

To activate:

1. "Radio"

2. "Satellite radio"

3. 4.  "Automatic time shift" "Replay - Time shift"

4. To deactivate:  "Automatic time "Automatic time shift"

To deactivate: shift". "Automatic time shift".

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