Securing cargo





▷ Smaller and lighter items: secure with retaining straps, a cargo net or draw straps.
▷ Larger and heavy objects: secure with cargo straps.

Four lashing eyes mounted in the cargo area are used to secure these cargo straps, refer to illustrations.

Adhere to the information included with the cargo straps.

Stow and secure the cargo as described Securing cargo
Stow and secure the cargo as described above; otherwise it may present a danger to the occupants, for instance during braking and avoidance maneuvers.

Do not stow any heavy and hard objects in the passenger compartment without securing them; otherwise, they may present a danger to occupants, for instance during braking and avoidance maneuvers.

Never exceed either the approved gross vehicle weight or either of the approved axle loads, as excessive loads can pose a safety hazard, and may also place you in violation of traffic safety laws.

Use only the lashing eyes pictured to fasten the heavy-duty cargo straps. Do not secure cargo using the upper top tether mounting points; otherwise, these may become damaged.◀

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