Storing music

The music tracks from CDs, DVDs and USB devices can be stored in the music collection in the vehicle and played from there.

> Audio CD: tracks are converted into a compressed audio format when they are stored. If available, information on the album, such as the artist, is stored as well.
> CD/DVD or USB device with compressed audio files: the entire content of the CD/ DVD or the USB device is stored in the vehicle as an album. After storing, the tracks and directories can be deleted individually. Files are only stored in the WMA, MP3, M4A, and AACformats.

Tracks with DRM copy protection can be stored in the vehicle but cannot be played back.

it could be lost if there is a fault on the hard disc. Regularly back up the music data; otherwise, it could be lost if there is a fault on the hard disc.

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Storing files from CDs/DVDs

CDs/DVDs can only be stored from the CD/DVD player.

1.  Insert a CD/DVD into the CD/DVD player.
2.  "CD/Multimedia"
3.  "CD/DVD"
4.  Select the 5.  "Store in vehicle" symbol for the CD/DVD player.
5.  "Store in vehicle"

The music collection is displayed.

The music collection is displayed.

The tracks are stored and played back in sequence from the music collection.

Observe the following during the storage process:

Do not switch back to the CD/DVD player and do not remove the CD/DVD from the CD/DVD player; otherwise, the storage process will be interrupted.

You can switch to the other audio sources without interrupting the storage process. Tracks from the current CD/DVD can also be called up, if they have been stored already.

Interrupting storage

1.  "CD/Multimedia"
2.  "CD/DVD"
3.  "Storing..."

4.  "Cancel storing"

4.  "Cancel storing"

The storage process is interrupted and can be continued at any time.

Continuing the storage process

1.  "CD/Multimedia"
2.  "CD/DVD"
3.  Select the 4.  "Continue storing" symbol for the CD/DVD player.
4.  "Continue storing"

The storing of the CD/DVD continues at the beginning of the track at which storing was interrupted.

Album information

During storage, information such as the name of the artist is stored with the track, if this information is available in the vehicle database or on the CD.

To update the database, contact your service center.

Storing from a USB device

To store music, a suitable device must be connected to the USB interface in the glove compartment.

> Suitable devices: USB mass storage devices, such as USB flash drives or MP3 players with a USB interface.

> Unsuitable devices: USB hard drive, USB hubs, USB memory card readers with multiple inserts, Apple iPod/iPhone.

Music from Apple iPods/iPhones can be played via the USB audio interface in the center armrest.

compartment. Music from a USB device can be stored only via the USB interface in the glove compartment.

1.  Connect the USB device to the USB interface in the glove compartment.
2.  "CD/Multimedia"
3.  "Music collection"
4.  Open "Options".
5.  "Music data import/export"
6.  "Import music (USB)"

Playing music

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