Route planning can be performed separately on the left and right sides in the rear. Destination guidance can only be started from the front.

Operation is the same as for the front navigation.

Suggesting a destination

A destination or trip can be sent to the front as a suggestion. The suggestion can be adopted, stored, or declined in the front. This function is not available with the following setting: "Driver control".

1. Enter the destination.

2. "Suggest destination"


Operation is the same as for the front contacts.

BMW Assist

Operation is the same as for BMW Assist in the front.


The following settings are available:

  • "Rear display"
  • "Language/Units": language can be set globally for all screens.
  • "Tone"
  • "Climate"

Vehicle information

Computer content can be displayed. Operation is only possible in the front.

Options menu

The split screen is not available and there is no Integrated Owner's Manual.

Operation is the same as for the front menu options.

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