Voice operation

Vehicles equipped with the voice activation system:


Vehicles not equipped with the voice activation system: depending on the equipment, the mobile phone can be voice operated as described below.

The list of short commands in the Owner's Manual does not apply to this type of voice operation.

The concept

▷ The mobile phone can be operated without taking your hands from the steering wheel.
▷ In many cases, the entries are accompanied by announcements or questions.
▷ ... Verbal instructions for voice operation.

Using voice activation

Activating the voice activation system

1. the Briefly press the button on the steering wheel.
2. Say the command.

Terminating the voice activation system

steering Briefly press the button on the steering wheel or Cancel.

Possible commands

Having possible commands read aloud

Press the button. Help. Possible commands are announced.

The digits from zero to nine are recognized. The digits can be spoken separately or combined in a sequence to accelerate the entry.

Using alternative commands

The system often recognizes a number of different commands to run a function; for instance:

Dial name or Name

Example: dialing a phone number

1. the Briefly press the button on the steering wheel.
2. Dial number
The system says: Please say the number
3. E.g., 123 456 790
The system says: 123 456 790. Continue?

4. Dial
The system says: Dialing number


Dialing a phone number

1. Dial number
2. Say the phone number.
3. Dial

Correcting the phone number

The sequence of digits can be deleted after the system has repeated the digits.

Correct number The command can be repeated as often as necessary.

Deleting a phone number

All digits entered up to that point are deleted.



Voice phone book

Depending on how your vehicle is equipped, it may be necessary to create your own voice phone book.

The entries must be entered using voice activation and are separate from the memory in the mobile phone. Up to 50 entries can be set up.

Saving an entry

1. Save name
2. Say the name. Do not exceed the speaking duration of approx. 2 seconds.
3. Say the phone number after being prompted to do so by the system.
4. Save

Deleting an entry

1. Delete name
2. Say the name after being prompted to do so.
3. Confirm the query with Yes.

Deleting all entries

1. Delete phonebook The dialog for deleting the phone book is opened.
2. Confirm the query with Yes.
3. Confirm the query again with Yes.

Reading and selecting entries

1. Read phonebook The dialog for reading the phone book is opened.
2. Say Dial number when the desired entry is read.

Selecting an entry

1. Dial name
2. Say the name after being prompted to do so.
3. Confirm the query with Yes.

Adjusting the volume

Turn the knob during an announcement.

▷ The volume remains constant even if the volume of other audio sources is changed.
▷ The volume is stored for the remote control currently in use.


Do not use the voice operation to initiate an Emergency Request. In stressful situations, the voice and vocal pitch can change. This can unnecessarily delay the establishment of a telephone connection.

Instead, use the SOS button, in the vicinity of the interior mirror.

Environmental conditions

▷ Say the commands, numbers, and letters smoothly and with normal volume, emphasis, and speed.
▷ Always say commands in the language of the system. The language for the mobile phone voice operation is preset and cannot be changed in the Control Display.
▷ Keep the doors, windows, and glass sunroof closed to prevent noise interference.
▷ Avoid making other noise in the vehicle while speaking.

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