designated Class 1 laser products. Do not operate if the cover is damaged; otherwise, BMW CD/DVD players and changers are officially designated Class 1 laser products. Do not operate if the cover is damaged; otherwise, severe eye damage can result.

Do not use self-recorded CDs/DVDs with labels applied as these can become detached during playback due to heat build-up and can cause irreparable damage to the device.

Only use round CDs/DVDs with a standard diameter of 4.7 in/12 cm and do not play CDs/ DVDs with an adapter, e.g. CD singles; otherwise, the CDs or the adapter might jam and no longer eject.

Do not use a combined CD/DVD, e.g. DVDPlus; otherwise, the CD/DVD can jam and will no longer eject.

General malfunctions

BMW CD/DVD changers and players have been optimized for performance in vehicles. In some instances they may be more sensitive to faulty CDs/DVDs than stationary devices would be.

If a CD/DVD cannot be played, first check if it has been inserted correctly.


High levels of humidity can lead to condensation on the CD/DVD or the laser's scan lens and temporarily prevent playback.

Malfunctions with individual CDs/DVDs

If malfunctions occur only with particular CDs/ DVDs, this may be due to one of the following reasons.

Self-recorded CDs/DVDs

Possible reasons for malfunctions with selfrecorded CDs/DVDs are, for example, inconsistent data-creation or recording processes, or poor quality or old age of the CD/DVD blank.

Only label CDs/DVDs on the top, with a pen designed for this purpose.


Avoid leaving fingerprints, as well as dust, scratches or moisture on the CDs/DVDs.

Keep CDs/DVDs in protective sleeves or cases. Do not subject CDs/DVDs to temperatures above 122 7/50 6, nor to high humidity levels or direct sunlight.

CDs/DVDs with copy protectionCDs/DVDs are often copy-protected by the manufacturer. This can mean that some CDs/DVDs cannot be played or can only be played to a limited extent.


This product contains copyrighted technology that is based on multiple registered U.S. patents and the intellectual property of the Macrovision Corporation and other manufacturers. The use of this copy protection must be approved by Macrovision. Unless otherwise agreed with Macrovision, media with this protection may only be used for private purposes. Copying of this technology is prohibited.

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