Overview: indicator/warning lamps

Parking brake Turn signal

Parking brake in Canadian models Parking brake

Automatic Hold* Parking brake in Canadian models

Front fog lamps* Automatic Hold*

High beams Front fog lamps*

High-beam Assistant High beams

Parking lamps, headlamp control High-beam Assistant

Active Cruise Control Parking lamps, headlamp control

Vehicle detection, Active Cruise Active Cruise Control

Control Vehicle detection, Active Cruise Control

Lane departure warning Cruise control

DSC Dynamic Stability Control Lane departure warning

DSC Dynamic Stability Control or DSC Dynamic Stability Control

DTC Dynamic Traction Control DSC Dynamic Stability Control or DTC Dynamic Traction Control

Safety belts Tire Pressure Monitor

Airbag system Safety belts

Steering system Airbag system

Emissions Steering system

Brake system Emissions

Brake system in Canadian models Brake system

Antilock Brake System ABS Brake system in Canadian models

Antilock Brake System ABS in Antilock Brake System ABS

Canadian Antilock Brake System ABS in Canadian models

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