PDC Park Distance Control

The concept

In addition to the PDC Park Distance Control, the backup camera, can be switched on.

PDC supports you when parking. Objects that you are approaching slowly in front of or behind your vehicle are indicated with:

► Signal tones.
► Visual display.


Measurements are made by ultrasound sensors in the bumpers.

The range is approx. 6 ft/2 m.

An acoustic warning is first given:

► By the front sensors and two rear corner sensors at approx. 24 in/60 cm.
► By the rear middle sensors at approx. 5 ft/1.50 m.

System limits

PDC cannot serve as a substitute for the Check the traffic situation as well
PDC cannot serve as a substitute for the driver's personal judgment of the traffic situation.
Check the traffic situation around the vehicle with your own eyes. Otherwise, an accident could result from road users or objects located outside of the PDC detection range.
Loud noises from outside and inside the vehicle may prevent you from hearing the PDC's signal tone.◄

Avoid approaching an object quickly. Avoid driving quickly with PDC
Avoid approaching an object quickly.
Avoid driving away quickly while PDC is not yet active.
For technical reasons, the system may otherwise be too late in issuing a warning.◄

Limits of ultrasonic measurement

The detection of objects can reach the physical limits of ultrasonic measurement, e.g.:

► With tow bars and trailer hitches.
► With thin or wedge-shaped objects.
► With low objects.
► With objects with corners and sharp edges.

Low objects already displayed, e.g., curbs, can move into the blind area of the sensors before or after a continuous tone sounds.

High, protruding objects such as ledges may not be detected.

False warnings

PDC may issue a warning under the following conditions even though there is no obstacle within the detection range:

► In heavy rain.
► When sensors are very dirty or covered in ice.
► When sensors are covered in snow.
► On rough road surfaces.
► In large buildings with right angles and smooth walls, e.g., in underground garages.
► In heavy exhaust.
► Due to other ultrasound sources, e.g., sweeping machines, high pressure steam cleaners or neon lights.

Switching on auto

Select transmission position R with the engine running.

Automatic deactivation during forward travel

The system switches off when a certain driving distance or speed is exceeded.

Switch the system back on if necessary.

Switching on/off manually

Press the button.

Press the button.

► On: the LED lights up.
► Off: the LED goes out.

Signal tones

When approaching an object, an intermittent tone is sounded that indicates the position of the object. For example, if an object is detected to the left rear of the vehicle, a signal tone sounds from the left rear speaker.

The shorter the distance to the object becomes, the shorter the intervals.

If the distance to a detected object is less than approx. 12 in/30 cm, a continuous tone is sounded.

If objects are located both in front of and behind the vehicle, an alternating continuous signal is sounded.

The intermittent tone is interrupted after approx. 3 seconds:

► If the vehicle stops in front of an object that is detected by only one of the corner sensors.
► If moving parallel to a wall.

The signal tone is switched off:

► When the vehicle moves away from an object by more than approx. 4 in/10 cm.
► When transmission position P is engaged.


You can set the volume of the PDC signal tone, refer to page 171.

The setting is stored for the remote control currently in use.

Visual warning

The approach of the vehicle to an object can be shown on the Control Display. Objects that are farther away are displayed on the Control Display before a signal tone sounds.

A display appears as soon as Park Distance Control (PDC) is activated.

If the backup camera image was selected last, it again appears on the display. To switch to PDC:

1. symbol "Rear view camera" Select the symbol on the Control Display.
2. Press the controller.

The setting is stored for the remote control currently in use.

Zoom view

On the left part of the display screen, the vehicle is shown enlarged.

► Forward gear or transmission position D engaged:

► Forward gear or transmission position D engaged: front area of the vehicle.
► Reverse gear or transmission position R engaged:

rear area of the vehicle.


A Check Control message, is displayed in the instrument cluster.

On the Control Display, the areas in front of and

On the Control Display, the areas in front of and behind the vehicle are shaded. PDC has failed.

Have the system checked.

To ensure full operability:

► Keep the sensors clean and free of ice.
► When using high-pressure washers, do not spray the sensors for long periods and maintain a distance of at least 12 in/30 cm.

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