Changing wheels

Your BMW is equipped with run-flat tires as standard. This eliminates the need to change a wheel immediately in the event of a puncture.

For information on continuing to drive with a damaged tire, refer to Indication of a flat tire on page 85.

The symbol identifying run-flat tires is a circle with the letters RSC on the sidewall, refer to Run-flat tires, page 214.

When mounting new tires or changing over from summer to winter tires and vice versa, mount run-flat tires for your own safety. In the event of a flat, no spare wheel is available. Your BMW center will be glad to advise you. Refer also to New wheels and tires, page 214.

optional accessories from your BMW center. The tools for changing wheels are available as optional accessories from your BMW center.

Jack mounting points

The jacking points are at the positions shown in the illustration.

The jacking points are at the positions shown in the illustration.

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