What to do if...

Information on suitable mobile phones.

Appointments, tasks, notes, text messages, or e-mails from the mobile phone are not displayed.

  • The mobile phone is not capable of the missing function or is not connected correctly.
  • The Office function is deactivated.
  • The mobile phone is connected as an additional phone.
  • Appointments are older than 20 days or are more than 50 days in the future.
  • The tasks have been marked as completed or have a due date that lies more than 90 days in the future.
  • Depending on the number of stored appointments, task notes, and messages in the mobile phone, not all are displayed in the vehicle.

Not all appointments and tasks from the mobile phone are displayed at the right time?

  • The time zone, time or date is incorrectly set on the Control Display and mobile phone.

The e-mail attachment is not displayed.

  • E-mails are transmitted without an attachment. Entries are not displayed in full length.
  • Text were already transmitted from the mobile phone in a shortened form.
  • Synchronization between the mobile phone and vehicle may take several minutes.

The contact pictures are not being displayed?

  • A max. of 200 contact pictures can be stored in the vehicle.

The E-mail is displayed with a delay?

  • Check the e-mail settings on the telephone and adjust if necessary.

If all points in this list have been checked and the required function is still not available, please contact the hotline or service center.

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