General information

Depending on your vehicle's equipment, various views of the route are available during route guidance:

> Arrow display on the Control Display.
> List of route segments.
> Map view.

Arrow display

The following information is displayed during route guidance:

> Large arrow: current direction of travel.
> Small arrow: indicates the next change of direction.
> Intersection view.
> Lane information.
> Traffic bulletins.
> Distance to the next change of direction.
> Street name of the next change of direction.

Lane information

In the arrow display, the recommended lanes of multi-lane roads are each marked with a triangle.
> Filled triangle: optimum lane.
> Empty triangle: likewise possible lane. It can, however, also be possible to briefly make additional lane changes.

Displaying the list of route segments

If the route guidance has been started, then you can display a list of route segments. The distance to be traveled and traffic bulletins are displayed for each segment of the route.

1.  "Navigation"
2.  "Route information"
3.  Highlight the route segment.

The route segment is displayed in the preview map.

Bypassing a section of the route

During route guidance, prompt the navigation system to bypass certain route segments. In doing so, you will specify how many kilometers to travel before returning to the original route.

1.  "Navigation"
2.  "Route information"
3.  "New route for"

4.  Turn the controller: enter the desired mileage.

4.  Turn the controller: enter the desired mileage.
5.  Press the controller.

Resuming the original route

If the route section should no longer be bypassed:

1. "Navigation"
2. "Route information"
3. "New route for"
4. "Remove blocking"

Gas station recommendations

The remaining range is calculated and filling stations along the route are displayed.

1.  "Navigation"
2.  "Route information"
3.  "Recommended refuel"

A list of filling stations is displayed.

4.  Select a gas station.
5.  Select the 6.  "Start guidance": route guidance to the selected filling station is started. symbol.
6.  "Start guidance": route guidance to the selected filling station is started.

"Add as another destination": the filling station is incorporated into the route.

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