Only refill the diesel exhaust fluid yourself in exceptional circumstances

To be able to reach the nearest service center with your vehicle, you may refill the diesel exhaust fluid yourself, making sure to heed the warning notices specified below.

Do not allow diesel exhaust fluid to come Handling diesel exhaust fluid
Do not allow diesel exhaust fluid to come into contact with you. This can lead to skin and eye irritation. Wear protective goggles and gloves as needed. Follow the safety instructions on the bottle. When opening the bottle or reservoir reservoir, pungent smelling vapors can escape. Before refilling, close the vehicle completely so that the vapors do not get into the interior of the vehicle. When handling diesel exhaust fluid in enclosed spaces, make sure to have sufficient ventilation. After handling diesel exhaust fluid, wash hands thoroughly. Failure to do so may lead to irritation, for instance, due to inadvertent contact with the eyes. If eye irritation occurs, immediately rinse eyes with ample water and contact a doctor if necessary. If diesel exhaust fluid comes into contact with surfaces of your vehicle, rinse the affected surfaces with water or else damage may occur. Keep diesel exhaust fluid out of reach of children.◀

Suitable diesel exhaust fluid

▷ Preferred: BMW Diesel Exhaust Fluid. This bottle and its special adapter permit convenient refilling with diesel exhaust fluid.
▷ Alternative: NOx reduction agent AUS 32 Diesel exhaust fluid can be obtained from your service center.

Refilling quantity

Refilling quantity at the start of the reserve display:

Approx. 0.75 gallons/2.7 liters

Open reservoir for diesel exhaust fluid

1. Open the hood
2. Fit the releasing tool from the tool kit, into place and open the lock, see arrow

Open reservoir for diesel exhaust fluid
Open reservoir for diesel exhaust fluid

Refilling BMW diesel exhaust fluid

1. Set bottle into place and rotate until it comes into contact with the stop, refer to arrow.

2. Press bottle down, refer to arrow.

2. Press bottle down, refer to arrow.

The reservoir of the vehicle is filled.

3. The reservoir is full when the fill level in the

3. The reservoir is full when the fill level in the bottle stops changing. It is not possible to overfill.

Pull bottle back, refer to arrow, and unscrew it.

Closing reservoir

Closing reservoir

After the reservoir is filled, close it again with the releasing tool.

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