Driving on poor roads

Your vehicle combines an all-wheel drive system with the advantages of a normal passenger car.

Do not drive on unpaved terrain, as otherwise Do not drive on unpaved terrain Do not drive on unpaved terrain, as otherwise the vehicle may be damaged.◀ For your own safety and the safety of passengers and the vehicle, adhere to the following points:

▷ Familiarize yourself with the vehicle before driving; never take risks.
▷ Adjust speeds according to road conditions.

The steeper and rougher the road surface is, the lower the speed should be.
▷ When driving on steep uphill and downhill grades: the engine oil and coolant should be filled nearly to the MAX mark.

BMW X5: the vehicle can be driven on uphill and downhill grades up to 50%.
▷ Use Hill Descent Control HDC, refer to page 98, on steep downhill grades.

BMW X5: the vehicle can be driven away on uphill grades of up to 33%. The permissible body roll is 50%.
▷ Watch for stones, holes, and other obstacles and drive around these where possible.
▷ On bumps and rough roads, avoid contact between the vehicle body and the ground.

The maximum ground clearance is 8 inches/ 20 cm and may vary with the loaded cargo.
▷ When driving through water, do not exceed the maximum water height.
▷ BMW X5: 20 inches/50 cm
▷ BMW X6: 17 inches/45 cm
Drive at walking speed only and do not stop the vehicle.
▷ After driving through water, press on the brake pedal several times at low speeds to dry the brakes.
▷ Depending on the prevailing terrain, activate Dynamic Traction Control DTC, refer to page 97, briefly.
▷ When the wheels spin, accelerate to enable the driving stability control systems to distribute the drive force to the individual wheels.
▷ BMW X5 with M Sport Package: if the vehicle is primarily used on poor roads or unpaved surfaces, it may be advantageous, depending on the driving style, to use the stone chip guard offered by the service center.

This reduces the risk of damage to painted vehicle components, such as in the area of the side skirts and wheel arches.

Your service center will be glad to advise you.

After driving on poor roads

Adhere to the following points to ensure vehicle safety:

▷ Remove excessive accumulations of dirt and mud from the vehicle body.
▷ Clear mud, snow, ice, etc., from the wheels and tires and check for damage.

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