What to do if...

Information on suitable mobile phones.

The mobile phone could not be paired or connected.

  • Is Bluetooth activated in the vehicle and on the mobile phone? Activate Bluetooth in the vehicle and on the mobile phone.
  • Do the Bluetooth passkeys on the mobile phone and the vehicle match? Enter the same passkey on the mobile phone and via iDrive.
  • Did it take longer than 30 seconds to enter the passkey? Repeat the pairing procedure.
  • Are too many Bluetooth devices connected to the mobile phone or vehicle? Delete connections with other devices if necessary.
  • Is the audio connection activated? Deactivate the audio connection.
  • Is the mobile phone in power-save mode or does it have only a limited remaining battery life? Charge the mobile phone in the snapin adapter* or via the charging cable.
  • Depending on the mobile phone, it is possible that only one device can be connected to the vehicle. Unpair the connected device from the vehicle and pair and connect only one device.
  • The mobile phone no longer reacts? Switch the mobile phone off and on again. Repeat the pairing procedure.

The telephone functions are not available.

  • Is the mobile phone paired as an additional telephone and is the additional telephone function deactivated? Activate the function.
  • Is an outgoing call not possible? Connect the mobile phone as a telephone.

No or not all phone book entries are displayed, or they are incomplete.

  • Transmission of the phone book entries is not yet complete.
  • It is possible that only the phone book entries of the mobile phone or the SIM card* are transmitted.
  • It may not be possible to display phone book entries with special characters.
  • The number of phone book entries being stored is too high.
  • Is the data volume of the contact too large, e.g., due to stored information such as notes? Reduce the data volume of the contact.
  • Is the mobile phone connected as an audio source or additional telephone? The mobile phone must be connected as a telephone. The phone connection quality is poor.
  • The strength of the Bluetooth signal on the mobile phone can be adjusted, depending on the mobile phone.
  • Insert the mobile phone into the snap-in adapter* or place it in the area of the center console.
  • Adjust the volume of the microphone and loudspeakers separately.

If all points in this list have been checked and the required function is still not available, please contact the hotline or service center.

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