Using the remote control

General information

People or animals left unattended in a Take the remote control with you
People or animals left unattended in a parked vehicle can lock the doors from the inside.

Always take the remote control with you when leaving the vehicle so that the vehicle can then be opened from the outside.◀


unlocked. Press the button. The vehicle is unlocked.

You can set how the vehicle is to be unlocked.

The setting is stored for the remote control currently in use.

1. "Settings"

2. "Door locks"

3. "Unlock button:"

Unlock button
Unlock button

4. Select the desired function:

▷ "All doors"
▷ "Driver's door only" The entire vehicle is unlocked.

▷ "Driver's door only"
filler flap are unlocked. Pressing againOnly the driver's door and the fuel filler flap are unlocked. Pressing again unlocks the entire vehicle.

Convenient opening

remote Press and hold the button on the remote control.

The windows and the glass sunroof/panoramic glass sunroof open.


control. Press the button on the remote control.

Do not lock the vehicle from the outside if Locking from the outside
Do not lock the vehicle from the outside if there are people in it, as the vehicle cannot be unlocked from inside without special knowledge.◀

Switching on the interior lamps, courtesy lamps, and welcome lamps

control Press the button on the remote control with the vehicle locked.

You can also use this function to locate your vehicle in parking garages, etc.

Panic mode

You can trigger the alarm system if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

control for at Press the button on the remote control for at least 3 seconds.

To switch off the alarm: press any button.

Unlocking tailgate

control for Press the button on the remote control for approx. 1 second and release.

The tailgate will open slightly, regardless of whether it was previously locked or unlocked.

With automatic tailgate operation: the tailgate opens automatically.

The tailgate pivots back and up when it opens.

Ensure that adequate clearance is available before opening.

To avoid locking yourself out of the vehicle, do not place the remote control into the cargo area.

The tailgate is locked again as soon as it is pushed closed.

Before and after each trip, check that the tailgate has not been inadvertently unlocked.

Sharp or angular objects can hit the rear Provide edge protection
Sharp or angular objects can hit the rear window while driving and damage the heating wires of the rear window. Provide edge protection.◀

Confirmation signals from the vehicle

1. "Settings"

2. "Door locks"

3. "Flash when lock/unlock"

Flash when lock/unlock
Flash when lock/unlock

Retrieving the seat, mirror, and steering wheel settings

The driver's seat, exterior mirror, and steering wheel positions selected last are stored for the currently used remote control.

When the vehicle is being unlocked, these positions are automatically retrieved if the setting is activated.

If this function is used, first make sure that Pinch hazard when moving back the seat
If this function is used, first make sure that the footwell behind the driver's seat is empty.

Failure to do so could cause injury to persons or damage to objects behind the seat as a result of a rearward movement of the seat.◀

The adjustment procedure is interrupted

▷ When a seat position switch is pressed.
▷ When a button of the seat and mirror memory is pressed.

Selecting automatic activation

1. "Settings"

2. "Door locks"

3. "Last seat position auto."

Last seat position auto
Last seat position auto


Local radio waves may interfere with the remote control.

In this case, unlock and lock the car at the door lock with the integrated key.

If the car can no longer be locked with a remote control, the battery in the remote control is discharged.

Use the remote control during an extended drive in order to recharge the battery. The remote control for Comfort Access contains a battery that may need to be replaced

For US owners only

The transmitter and receiver units comply with part 15 of the FCC/Federal Communication Commission regulations. Operation is governed by the following:



Compliance statement:

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

▷ This device may not cause harmful interference, and
▷ this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Any unauthorized modifications or changes to these devices could void the user's authority to operate this equipment.

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